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International training

What is the doctoral training of PDI ?


  1. A series of lectures organised by the European Doctoral in collaboration with European key actors (Council of Europe, MESA - Maison de l'Europe Strasbourg - Alsace).
  2. Interdisciplinary conferences organized by PDI members
  3. Visits of European Institutions
  4. The possibility to participate in specific seminars within the framework of EUCOR-The European Campus

You have to attend at least 18 hours of international training (see the part certificate).


How to participate at PDI events :

  •  2-3 weeks before upcoming events, all PDI members are informed by email (YOURNAME@etu.unistra.fr)
  • Please register via the link http://www-college-des-ecoles-doctorales.u-strasbg.fr/
  • If the event is not booked out by about one week ahead, other PhD student can then fill in the remaining seats
  • Please respect your engagement so that empty seats, which could have benefitted to others, are avoided
  • We try our best to inform of the events as soon as possible, please consult our website regularly for any changes or events that you may have missed
  • An attendance sheet has to be signed during the conference to validate this event

Any feedback on the events are most welcome, please send them to : herbach@unistra.fr











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